Privacy –

Version Date: July 25, 2018

Data Collection

  • Members: By becoming a member, we store your credentials needed to create an account. In order to store your posts and other data, we need to have your information in a database. We limit ourselves to the most necessary info, but you are free to provide some optional info as well when you want people to know something more about you.
  • Comments and Contact Form: To be able to interact in a discussion or post something, you need to be a member of our community. Mainly for the reason given above. And for spam protection, which is explained below.
  • Profile Fields: Required profile fields will be stored at all times. Optional fields are not needed to create an account, but it makes it easier for other members to find you. Let’s say you are an artist, then you could show it in your profile in case someone is looking for an artist. The privacy of the optional info can be chosen to your likings. Only admins will be able to see that information and the public you choose.
  • Spam: To control spam, we have Akismet collecting data to check if something is flagged as spam or not. This keeps the community clean for now. In the future, we hope to have our own spam-fighting software so we don’t depend on external sources.
  • GDPR: As a member or visitor of our site, you have the right to export and/or delete all your data we collect. You can request data about you via your profile, or by sending us a mail via the contact button in the bottom right corner.

Cookies & trackers

  • Remember me when logging in: The cookie that’s almost on every website I know of where interaction is allowed or membership is needed. In order to remember your login from your pc, the site leaves a cookie containing the info needed to log in automatically. You are not obliged to use that option and you can block this safely when using extensions like Ghostery. Articles on this site may include embedded content (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.).
  • Gravatar tracker: This is a tracker for members who want to use their Gravatar profile. Without this tracker, our site can’t pull the info needed from your Gravatar. You can use the site without Gravatar, so it’s completely optional and only when you use this service.
  • Share Buttons: These can track some activity depending on the networks involved with the share features. These can be blocked (read below).

Tips to avoid cookies & trackers

  • Ghostery Extension: An extension for almost every current browser to stop trackers and cookies. I use it myself, so don’t feel guilty about blocking anything you don’t like. Hold in mind that blocking cookies could interact with functions on this site though.
  • Ad Block UltimateIt’s completely normal to have annoying ads blocked. We encourage using ad blocking software, but we would like to ask for one thing only. Please, when you like a site and you would like to support it without having to pay anything, add that site or domain to your white-list and allow some ads. Sites don’t earn that much from them, so every income is needed to keep a site alive. In future, we will have the option for donations to compensate the costs, but as long as I can manage the coverage myself, I’ll be happy to keep our site ads free as long as possible!

External Connections

Please, keep in mind that using external services like viewing YouTube video’s or sharing on other social media for example, will make connections with those sites and servers and they might collect data from you. But by default when not using those services here, you are free of those trackers.